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The Versatility of Alpha Arms

The Alpha Arms have been a very valuable piece of equipment for my athletes at Crooksville HS.  They can be used as normal lever arms or unlocked for free motion, we mainly use them in the unlocked position. We are able to use the Alpha Arms in several ways and with athletes across many different sports.  Here are a 5 ways we have used the Alpha Arms at Crooksville HS. 

One of the exercises we use the Alpha Arms for is Assisted Vertical Jumps or Triphasic Jumps. These have been valuable for developing the specific ground contact times for max velocity for our track athletes and athletes in different field sports. Pictured below are the Alpha Arms locked in the upright position to attach bands to for assisted Triphasic Jumps, these unlike traditional Triphasic Arms can be adjusted to different heights. 

Another Exercises that we perform on the Alpha Arms are Single arm rotational presses, these have been beneficial for our baseball and football players as well as our track throwers.  The pivoting capabilities of the Alpha Arms allow the athlete to perform the special exercise with a proper weight shift allowing the athletes to develop power. 

One of the few exercises we perform with the arm locked in is for Single Leg RDL with Knee Drive. I use this exercise to help our athletes improve the hip extension and knee drive seen in the running motion. When the Alpha Arms are pinned in they are Traditional Lever arms like our Adjustable Lever Arms, this allows for a more restricted hinge movement that is best for RDL’s. 

Football Press is an exercise that helps football lineman to execute a block with the correct hand position as seen in the sport.  The free motion Alpha Arm allows the athlete to place their hands closer together as well as to perform hip extension during the execution of the skill. We have performed this exercise from both a standing and kneeling position.  

Bent Over Rows are best performed with the arms unlocked so athletes can row in the position most comfortable to them. My athletes are able to perform bent over rows with the Alpha Arms during a GPP circuit.  This eliminates a crowded dumbbell rack and improves time efficiency as they stay at the rack station.


These are just a few of the ways we have used our Multi-Plane Alpha Arms.  I feel the free motion of the arm allows athletes to perform a wider variety of exercises and with a more precise execution as seen in several different sports skills.  I feel an entire workout could be done with the Alpha Arms which could be more time efficient.  Overall, the Alpha Arms have been a hit with our athletes and has allowed me to be more creative in my programming at Crooksville HS.

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