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Top 5 Alpha Single Roller Exercises

The Alpha Single Roller Attachment is the longest and thickest single roller pad on the market. Thanks to our Adjustable Nut, it has little to no wobble and can be easily adjusted in about 5 seconds. This versatile attachment is perfect for dozens of exercises, especially when paired with a GOAT Attachment. To see it in action, check out our YouTube video on the Alpha Single Roller. It comes in nine upholstery colors and is a must-have for any rack station.

Click here to watch Basement Brandons review/compare against the Rogue Monster Roller Pad. 

1. Split Squats

The Split Squat is a popular single leg lower body exercise that can be optimized with the use of an Alpha Single Utility Roller. This specialized equipment features a thick pad that provides exceptional comfort to the ankle and foot, even when under heavy load. Additionally, the roller’s rotation function effectively reduces pressure on the ankle joint, making it an ideal accessory for executing the split squat. With the rotating pad, the split squat becomes an easier exercise to learn and execute, as it helps to balance the body compared to using a bench or box

2. NOrdic curls

If you’re looking to build posterior chain strength, especially hamstring strength, Nordic Curls are an excellent exercise to try. To set up for Nordic Curls, it’s best to use an Alpha Single Roller behind your legs and a Balance Pad under your knees.

3. 45 Hyper Back Extensions

To perform 45 Back Extensions at the rack station add an Alpha Single Roller on the bottom crossmember and another on the spotter arm. This equipment can be adjusted to fit the needs of different athletes, making it accessible to a wider range of users. By using the rack station, multiple athletes can train their back extensions simultaneously, which saves time and maximizes efficiency.


4. Copenhagen Planks

The Alpha Single Utility Roller can be used as a variable height Copenhagen plank pad, at one rack station you can have 3 or 4 athletes perform Copenhagen planks at the same time.  One athlete on each side of the bench and one on each Alpha Single Roller.

5. Bicep Curls

The Alpha Single Roller can be used as an arm/elbow support to isolate the bicep during the execution of a biceps curl similar to a preachers curl. They can also be used as an elbow rest for DB rotator cuff work. 

honorable mention

Alpha rollers use a 1″ threaded American Steel rod rated for 1000 LBS. Pictured above are two Alpha Rollers being used to make a decline sit up using a spotter arm. 

The Alpha Single Utility Roller pairs best with the GOAT Attachment, almost every GOAT Attachment we sell has an Alpha Roller to go along with it. There are many exercises you can perform with the GOAT and Alpha roller such as Leg Extensions, Hamstring Curls, Hip Thrusts, Calf Raises, Lateral Raises, Good Mornings and others. GOAT Attachment YouTube Video. 


The Alpha Roller is the longest and largest diameter Single Roller attachment on the market. It is one of two on the market that attaches with an Adjustable Nut, making it more secure than other single rollers. It is the best roller on the market (watch Brandons Video) and is the only one with Upholstery Color options. We cannot make them for 5/8″ racks as the rod would not be strong enough.  

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