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Top 5 Lat Seat Exercises

1. lat pull downs

The Lat Seat gets its name from the first exercise example which is a seat for Lat Pull Downs. Our old Lat Pull down seat was the entire unit not just a pad to add to the spotter arm making it much more expensive. The Lat Seat can be adjusted for depth using the holes on the spotter arm something normal fixed spotter arm seats cannot do. The Lat Seat can be added to any 1″ hole or 5/8″ hole on 3×3″ tubing. 

2. Seal Rows

The Lat Seat can be used for a wide variety of movements as it is not a fixed seat. No other lat pull down seat can be adjusted to be higher off the ground to do seal rows. Our equipment is a true modular system, the Lat Pull Down unit can be used for seal rows, back supported curls, and many other exercises as the seat can be removed and adjusted for other uses. 

3. Utilty seat

The Lat Seat can also be used as a utility seat for DB or other exercises, our Lat Pull Downs are often have DB storage connected to them, use the Lat Seat when you are not doing Lat Pull downs as a DB Utility Seat. 

4. Back support

The Lat Seat can be added to the upright as a back support, pictured above an athlete is using the Lat Seat as a back support pad. This back support will allow the athetes to perform a more strict movement as it will resist them from doing and swinging to get the weight up. The back pad is also effective for DB Lateral or Front Raises for Shoulder Rehab/Prehab. 

5. elbow support

The Lat Seat and Spotter Arm can be used as an elbow support for rotator cuff or other exercises. Pictured above the Lat Seat and Spotter Arm are paired with a cable column, the pad allows the athlete to have a support to do rotator cuff exercises against. We have seen many people sit on the ground and use a bench to do this with a DB. 


Our Lat Seat is a very versatile modular product that can be added to any 3×3″ tubing with 1″ or 5/8″ holes, it should not be looked at as just a seat for Lat Pull downs but more of a Utility Pad. Our Old Lat Seat was a pad welded to a spotter arm which made it hard to store and expensive. The New Lat Seat that attaches to any 3×3″ tubing is very versatile and a much better bang for your buck at only $125.  The Pad is the same pad we use on our Alpha Bench, which has a very dense pad that can even be stood on. Like our Dual Utility Roller the Lat Seat can be used for many exercises which is something you should consider when buying equipment as single use equipment is often not the best use of budget and space. 

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