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Top 5 Step Up Plate Exercises

The Step Up Plate was designed to be a rack attachable Step Up Plate that can connect to any 3×3″ tubing with 1″ or 5/8″ holes allowing it to also be attached to the upright for ball throws. The Step Up Plate pairs best with the GOAT Attachment as you can do flat, dorsiflexion or plantarflexion step ups, or other movements off of it. If you do not have a GOAT Attachment the Step Up Plate can be used for flat step ups, box jumps, box squats or just a stand for DB’s, Balls or other items when placed on a spotter arm. 

1. flat step ups

Flat Step Ups can be done with our GOAT Attachment or any spotter arm with 1″ or 5/8″ holes, it can be adjusted every 2″ for different height athletes or to make step ups easier/harder depending on programing. One technique tip for step ups is touch your heel only to the ground between reps so you cannot cheat and push off your toes to start the step up movement. 

2. plantar flexion step ups

Plantar Flexion Step Ups or Heel Elevated Step Ups are a great variation of Step Ups that is only possible with our GOAT Attachment. The Step Up Plate being pinned up at an angle causes the heel to be elevated allowing athletes to get a farther ROM as their ankle mobility will not limit them. Step Ups are a great way to built single leg strength as well as hip drive if they are done explosively with hip drive. 

3. dorsiflexion step ups

Dorsiflexion Step Ups can be done by pinning the GOAT Attachment in at a downward angle, this is good for increasing ankle mobility as you have to flex your ankle more than you would on a flat step up. 

4. ball target

The Step Up Plate can be added to any 3×3″ tubing so it can be added to the upright for ball throws, pictured above are rotational ball throws an exercise you see done in many sports performance training settings. The reason you would want to use the Step Up Plate and not a wall is because the athlete can stay at the station and also not every wall is strong enough to support repeated med ball throws at it. If the Step Up Plate target is too small for you or your athletes you can get a Utility Seat Pad that spans 49″ wide. 

5. adjustable box jump

Box Jumps are a great exercises but boxes often are expensive and take up a lot of space, that is where the Step Up Plate and a GOAT/ Spotter Arm comes in. The Step Up Plate can be adjusted in 2″ increments to accommodate different height box jumps. If you want a larger surface to land on and or a pad in case you miss, get a Utility Seat Pad!

Honorable mention

Pictured below is the Step Up Plate Added to our Bridge Attachment for a wall ball target. The Step Up Plate is also a great Utility Seat/Stand. Many customers have said that they use it to rest DB’s, KB’s or Med ball on between sets. Kurt Locker uses his step up plate for strong man Atlas Stone lifts as a stand to catch the stone. 


The Step Up Plate is a very versatile piece of equipment that can be used for dozens of exercises many that are not shown here, if you come up with a unique way to use your Step Up Plate please tag us @straydog_strength! The Step Up Plate is best paired with a GOAT Attachment but can also be used with a Spotter Arm if you just want to use it in the flat setting. The Step Up Plate has Diamond plate on it to assist with grip and it also looks cool, the logo is laser cut. 

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