Alpha Arms


The Alpha Arms were designed to offer athletes freedom of movement as they can swing 180 degrees in both the Z and X planes. These arms can be locked in a straight position to be used like a traditional Lever Arm or locked in at an internal or external angle for different movements. This extra plane of motion provides a more natural feeling during pressing, rowing, or other exercises, as your hands can move in or out and not just forward like on a traditional lever arm. The arms are compatible with both 1″ and 5/8″ holes on 3×3 tubing, they can be added to welded frames as well. Alpha Arms are the next iteration of Lever Arms that allow athletes freedom of movement and do not restrict their range of motion.

Lever Arms are a great attachment to add variety to your training and take place of many stand alone machines, but traditional lever arms limit you by only allowing you to use them in one plane of motion. Our Alpha Arms can be unlocked so they have free motion making movements feel more natural.

Click here for an article on the top 5 exercise to perform with the Alpha Arms. 

Click here to watch Alpha Arm Bench Press Movement and Setup

Click here to watch Alpha Arm Chest Press Movement and Setup

We work very closely with many football coaches as many of them are involved in S&C as well. The biggest complaint they have about lever arms is the pressing movements in particular are being done too wide. The Alpha Arms allow you do to a press and bring your hands all the way together to touch if you want, more closely resembling a football block.

The Bracket is always black but the arm can be any of our powder coat options.


angled square handle
Angled Weight Peg
square angled up
Pin Up for Triphasic Jumps
square pull pin side
Pin to lock or unlock arm
anlged in $$$
Lock angled or straight
eye bolt
Eye Bolt
square angled right alpha arms
Add to 5/8", 3/4" or 1" Hole Uprights


alpha arms flys
Chest Flys
jammer press $
Jammer Press
bench $$$$
Free Motion Bench
Pin Up for Triphasic Arms
reverse flys 2
Reverse Flys
belt squat hole
Belt Sqaut


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