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Top 5 Alpha Arm Exercises

Alpha Arms represent the next evolution of Lever Arms, offering a revolutionary “free motion” design that allows for 180 degrees of movement both front-to-back and side-to-side. Unlike traditional lever arms, Alpha Arms have 4 settings allowing Athletes to choose how use them, locked in like traditional lever arms, locked at an internal or external angle, or unlocked for free motion. This versatility makes them ideal for football players and other athletes who prefer not to use traditional lever arms due to the wide hand position they require. With Alpha Arms.  Athletes can perform all the same traditional Lever Arm exercises but with free motion allowing them to do the movement in a more natural motion and engage more stabilizer muscles. They can also do exercises not possible with Traditional Lever Arms such as Chest flys and Delt Flys. 


1. Chest flys

The Alpha Arms‘ free motion design allows for exercises that are not possible with traditional lever arms, such as the Chest Fly. Athletes can perform chest flys from a standing or seated position when the arms are unlocked, offering a versatile alternative to dumbbell or other forms of flys. With the ability to unlock the arms and perform a wider range of exercises, Alpha Arms offer an even more versatile option opposed to Traditional Lever Arms.


2. free motion Chest press

The Alpha Arms’ versatility also extends to the seated chest press, which mimics a stand-alone machine and eliminates the need for a separate chest press machine. While it is possible to perform a chest press with traditional lever arms if your shoulders are wide enough, but you are limited to pressing straight forward and cannot bring your hands together like you can with the Alpha Arms. In the image above of Alpha Arm Chest Press the athlete is utilizing accommodating resistance by adding bands to the handle.

When unlocked, Alpha Arms allow for free motion, enabling athletes to perform bench presses in whatever position feels most comfortable to them. Lever arm benching is similar to dumbbell bench press in that both arms can move bilaterally, but it is a safer and easier movement to learn as it is a hinge movement. By offering the flexibility of free motion and the safety of a controlled hinge movement, Alpha Arms provide a unique and effective training solution for athletes seeking to change up their chest workouts. 


Delt flys with dumbbells can be challenging to learn with proper form, and athletes risk injury if they do not use proper technique. Alpha Arms, on the other hand, offer a hinge movement that is much safer and easier to learn. With Alpha Arms, athletes can perform delt flys with greater control and, minimizing the risk of injury and maximizing the effectiveness of their workouts. By providing a safe and easy-to-use alternative to traditional delt flys, Alpha Arms enable athletes to train more effectively and efficiently, achieving their fitness goals with greater confidence and ease.


The Jammer Press is the exercise for which Lever Arms were initially designed to bring to a rack in attachment form. Prior to the invention of lever arms, Jammer Press movements were typically done on a Jammer Machine, which was large and only capable of performing one exercise. With the introduction of Lever Arms and Now Alpha Arms, the need for a separate Jammer Machine has been eliminated, as athletes can now perform the Jammer Press on any rack equipped with Alpha Arms.

Building upon the foundation of traditional lever arms, Alpha Arms take things to the next level by offering athletes free range of motion which opens up exercises that were impossible to achieve with traditional lever arms. By allowing for free motion and enabling athletes to press in whatever position feels most comfortable to them, Alpha Arms have made an already great attachment in Lever Arms better. 

Alpha Arms are undoubtedly one of the most versatile and premium attachments available in the market. They have taken the already exceptional product of Lever Arms and made significant improvements to it. Though they may come with a high price tag, the Alpha Arms spare no expense in their design and construction. Their features include angled weight pegs, magnetic hitch pins, laser-cut numbers and windows for handles, two bumpers per arm, eye bolts, and Acetal rollers. These features make the Alpha Arms stand out in terms of durability, functionality, and overall quality.


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