Basic Hyper GHD Combo


The Basic Hyper GHD Combo combines both the reverse back extension and GHD machines into one compact footprint for the ultimate posterior chain-building device. The unit comes with a Spud INC Hyper Strap. The Foothold is adjustable front to back but is not adjustable up and down, that and a single set of rollers are the main differences between the Hyperglute and the Basic Hyper GHD Combo. The pad is only available in black, but the frame has the same frame options as the Hyperglute.

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The Basic Hyper GHD Combo is our third version of the Glute Ham Developer/Reverse Back Extension unit the first version our Posterior Chain Combo or 210 Unit has been discontinued and replaced by both the Basic Hyper GHD Combo and the Hyperglute.

Both the Hyperglute and the Basic Hyper GHD Combo Unit can do the same exercises but the Hyperglute has 4 rollers instead of two, is quicker to adjust, and also can adjust the footplate up and down. The frames of both units are the same, the swing arm is the same, the knee pad is the same, and the footplate is the same.

The difference is the Basic model does not have colored pad options (only black), it only has 2 rollers instead of 4, it has non-knurled handles, and a more basic adjustment from front to back that is not as quick as the Hyperglute.

The unit comes with a Spud INC Hyper Strap and a carabiner to add it to the swinging arm, which can be removed and replaced by other attachments such as a rope for face pulls or curls.


angled top of pads
Only Black Pad Option
side 2
Same Frame as Hyperglute
front of unit
Same Swing Arm as Hyperglute
pivot block
Pillow Block Bearings
strap cli[
Belt Attachment Spot
weld clear coat$$$
High Quality Welds


hyper top 2
Reverse Back Extensions
ghd mid rep
decline situp bottom
Decline Sit Ups
face pulls 2
Face Pulls
step up


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