Removable Chalk Bowl with lid


The Removable Chalk Bowl was designed to attach to 1″ holes and 3×3″ 11 gauge tubing, (does not fit metric racks) this attachment does not attach with a hitch pin or adjustable nut but instead has slits that lock into the rack holes with gravity. You also can put a bolt in to keep it from being removable.

*Not compatible with Import/Metric racks*

Each Chalk bowl comes with a 2 OZ block of Stray Dog Lifting Chalk

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Most people spend lots of time keeping their gym clean so why make more of a mess than you need to? This is why we designed our chalk bowl with a lid to keep one of the most messy items in any gym, chalk contained where you need it.

Our chalk bowl also takes up a very small space compared to traditional chalk bowls which often are large units with wheels as ours attaches to a rack post and only sticks out 14" from the post.

As chalk is not used in every workout the chalk bowl also doubles as an adjustable stand to store phones, drinks and or programing sheets.


Removable Chalk Bowl with lid
Removable Chalk Bowl with lid
Gravity Slit attachment
Removable Chalk Bowl with lid
Spill proof lid
Removable Chalk Bowl with lid
Phone/Bottle Holder
Removable Chalk Bowl with lid
Hole to add bolt
Removable Chalk Bowl with lid
Attaches to any two 1" holes

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