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Custom Crossmembers 3×3″ tubing with 1″ holes

Many customers over the years have asked us for custom length crossmembers, from 6” all the way to 96” they have been requested in various lengths.  We did not do custom length crossmembers before as we do not do custom one offs of anything as the costs are always so high when not doing a production run. To be able to offer crossmembers of any length, I though why not just make a bracket that is like the end of a crossmember with holes to bolt it to an upright and holes to bolt different length tubes to the bracket.  We pair these custom crossmember brackets with our 3×3” tubes and you can make a crossmember of any length (6″-96″) affordably. Our custom crossmembers solve two main issues in the market, Custom Length Crossmembers which are not offered by any Brand to my knowledge and also a universal crossmember that can connect different brands 3×3″ tubing with 1″ holes (which does not exist in the market as well). 

As I have explained in previous articles/posts, all 3×3” racks with 1” holes spaced 2” on center have there holes at different heights due to the first hole being started at a different position for each brand. This would make the 10th hole on a Rogue Upright not line up with the 10th hole on a Stray Dog Upright for example. To fix this issue we made a special bracket called a Universal Crossmember Bracket, this bracket is slotted on one end so the location of the hole does not matter and you can connect two different brands uprights. This came to be as we have ATR Sides that need connected to the side of a rack if you do not connect two sides together, but they could only connect to Stray Dog racks without the Universal Crossmember Bracket. 

The Regular Crossmeber bracket is only $60 instead of $65 for the Universal Bracket, as it is smaller due to not having a slotted hole. This Bracket will allow you to make a custom length crossmember to connect two of the same brands uprights. All the brackets have a black texture powder coat, the tube can be any of our powder coat colors but the brackets are always black. The two Horazantal Bolts are to attached the bracket to an upright or another piece of 3×3 tubing with 1″ holes. The Vertical Bolt is to bolt the 3×3 tube to the bracket, as the bracket is 1/4″ thick, the 3×3 tube needs to be 1/2″ shorter than the desired length as each side adds 1/4″ or a 1/2″ total. Pictured below is a Regular Crossmember Bracket and Black 3×3 tube connecting a Gold ATR Cable Column to an old Black Stray Dog Renegade Half Rack. 

The Universal Crossmember Bracket was created to connect two different brands uprights together, due to its slotted holes the bolts can go wherever the hole is and still be secure. The feature of slotted holes however, makes the bracket lager than the Regular Crossmember Bracket, making it $5 more expensive. Connect an ATR side to any brand rack with the Universal Crossmember Bracket. Pictured Below is an ATR Cable Column connected to a Rogue RM-6 Full Rack with Universal Connector Brackets and a 72″ 3×3 tube. 

The Top Beam Connector Bracket was designed to bolt a 3×3 tube to connect two racks together. The tube goes on top of the bracket that is bolted into the upright at the top. Many customers have bought them to use as Universal Crossmember Brackets as well asl they have a slotted hole. The longer slotted bracket allows the tube to be a half inch or inch shorter and still connect to the bracket, which the Universal Bracket Cannot do. 


We make 4 Standard Crossmember lengths, 20″, 30″, 43″ and 72″ if you want a different length crossmember we can make them with 3×3 tubes and Custom Crossmember Brackets. Our 20″ and 30″ Crossmembers have our proprietary guide rod hole pattern to add a cable machine so if you want to add a cable machine you must use 20″ or 30″ Crossmembers. A solutions expert will reach out to you when you place an order for a 3×3″ tube to confirm the length that you want. At Stray Dog Strength we are trying to take high level custom American manufacturing and make it available to the masses as it is all American Made it is not cheap but we price everything fair. If you have any questions please email us or call in and ask for Jake!

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