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How the Alpha Bench creates an extra station

The Alpha Bench has 3×3″ tubing all over making it a very robust and sturdy bench. We added 1″ holes to the pad support that can be used with various 1″ attachments and turn the bench into an extra lifting station. Pictured above the Alpha Bench is having our Adjustable Landmine added to the back post. This allows the rack to stay free for lifting as the bench can be pulled away creating an extra station and allowing more athletes to train at one time. 

Train 2 groups at one rack station

If exercises are being trained that do not involve the bench such as squats, push press, lunges, pull ups and many others, the bench is free to be used for other exercises. The attachment holes add the ability to use the bench for things other than benching such as Bulgarian Split Squats and Landmine movements as you can add 1″ attachments to the bench. If you have a group of 3 athletes, one can be squatting, one spotting and one can be doing a landmine movement on the bench.

Pictured above a Dual Utility Roller was added to the back of an Alpha Bench. This allows the bench to be moved wherever it is needed for a portable split squat stand. The rack can be used for RDL’s or pull ups while the bench is pulled out for split squats by the other members of the group. 


At Stray Dog Strength it is our goal to make the most versatile and feature packed equipment on the market, giving our customers, athletes and coaches the most possible ways to use the equipment they have invested in. Equipment is very expensive and a long term investment, invest in a system that can grow with you and allow you to add attachments and additional movement possibilities to your facility. That is why all our racks have cable machine hole patterns in the crossmembers, all our benches have attachment holes, our cable machines work with attachments and more. 

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