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Top 5 Cable Connector Exercises

Our Cable Connectors were designed to give athletes the opportunity to use two cable attachments at the same time to train bilaterally off a single cable or connect dual cable columns together for a 1:1 ratio. We make both a medium and Large cable connector but have thought about making a small one that is only about 2″ wide as well.  They have built-in Gravity Slits for storage like our Storage Hooks, Glute Ham Trolley and other products.  They pair very well with the Nunchuck attachments making movements feel similar to a Tricep Rope, they also pair well with Single Handle Attachments. You can order the Cable Connector in a bundle with Single Handles or Nunchucks and save money compared to ordering separately.

Our Medium Cable Connector paired with Nunchucks (as shown above) allows athletes to perform Bilateral tricep push downs. This exercise effectively isolates and targets the triceps, and can be done at the width preferred by the athlete.

Both our Medium and Large Cable Connectors are suitable for performing Bicep Curls, although the Large Connector allows for a wider grip that feels more natural. Our Single Handle Attachments (pictured above) feature rotating handles that help maintain a strong wrist position throughout the entire movement. You can also do cable resisted hammer curls (pictured below) by pairing the Nunchuck Attachment with the Cable Connectors.

Lat Pull Downs are a highly effective exercise for building upper/mid back, bicep, and shoulder strength, and our Cable Connectors allow you to perform them with a variety of cable attachments. In the above image, the Large Cable Connector is paired with our Single Handle Attachments, but athletes can also use other handles such as fat grips or Nunchucks to challenge their grip strength. Our Single Handle Attachments allow for hand rotation during the movement, enabling athletes to find the most comfortable position for them taking stress of the shoulders. 

Face Pulls are an excellent exercise for building upper back and shoulder strength, and I personally use them as a warmup on my upper body days. To perform Face Pulls effectively, we recommend using a Cable Connector and either Single Handles or Nunchucks. While Nunchucks will test your grip strength throughout the entire movement, they may make it harder to perform heavier loads.

Chest supported rows are a highly effective exercise for isolating and overloading upper and mid back muscles. The chest support provided during this exercise allows athletes to use more weight with stricter form, as they do not have to fight to stay upright during the movement. In the above image, Chest supported rows are being performed using an ATR Cable Column, Alpha Bench, Large Cable Connector, and Angles 90 Handle Attachments (image taken prior to the release of our Single Handle Attachments). Our Cable Column which can be added to the inside of the half rack without increasing the footprint replaces many stand alone machines such as chest supported rows. 

There are dozens of exercises that can be done with the Medium and Large Cable Connectors, this article was intended to show off a few of our favorites that we think you should try. Cable Connectors are great for doing bilateral cable movements off of one cable or can combine dual cable column trolleys together giving them a 1:1 ratio.

Our Medium and Large Cable Connectors offer endless possibilities for cable exercises, and we’ve highlighted a few of our favorites in this article that we highly recommend trying. Whether you’re looking to perform bilateral cable movements off of one cable or combine dual cable column trolleys for a 1:1 ratio, our Cable Connectors are made in America and are the only with built in storage tabs making them a no brainer to add to your facility. 


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