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Top 5 GOAT Attachment Exercises

goat Attachment

The GOAT Attachment gets its name from being one of the most versatile attachments ever or Greatest Of All Time. Designed in 2021, we realized its versatility for a wide variety of exercises deserved a fitting name. This short lever arm (24″) features a bronze bushing for smooth rotation and 5 holes in the bracket, allowing for 11 different angles to be pinned. The GOAT Attachment was the predecessor to the angled step-up attachment we made back in 2019, prior to switching from 3/4″ to 1″ holes. For an in-depth review of the GOAT Attachment, check out Kurt Locker’s YouTube video. If you want to make the most functionality out of your rack pickup a GOAT Attachment today. 


1. leg extensions

One of the best feeling and most popular exercises with the GOAT Attachment is Leg Extensions, Athletes can adjust the Adjustable Weight Peg and Alpha Single Rollers to find the setup that works best for their size. Shown here using the Alpha Bench as a seat but they can also be done effectively with just an Alpha Roller as a seat for single leg extensions. Click here to see them performed on YouTube. 

2. Hamstring Curls

Standing Hamstring Curls can be performed with the GOAT Attachment, Two Alpha Single Rollers and an Adjustable Weight Peg. Click here to watch them performed on YouTube. Adding a GOAT to a rack station allows more athletes to train at the same compared to using single use machines.

3. Step ups flat and angled

Shown Above are Dorsiflexion Step Ups on the GOAT Attachment, these are done by adding the Step Up Plate to the GOAT Attachment with two hitch pins to avoid rocking of the Step Up Plate. Box Jumps, Sand Bag/Stone Stand and other uses for the Step Up and GOAT paired together. Click here to watch them performed on YouTube.

4. Calf Raises

Calf Raises on the GOAT Attachment are seamless, add an Alpha Single Roller or Dual Utility Roller and Adjustable Weight Peg. Then place the pin under the tube, when you are ready to start the movement remove the pin, hit the reps and put the pin back for easy setup. For best results use a Calf Block or Squat Wedge to allow for greater ROM. Click here to watch a YouTube Video on GOAT Calf Raises. 

5. Hip Thrusts

Hip Thrusts are setup the same way that Calf Raises are minus the Calf Block. Set a Flat Bench or Decline Bench as a back support and then add an Adjustable Weight Peg and Alpha Single Roller to the GOAT. Like Calf Raises, put the pin under the tube and when you are ready to start the movement just pull out the pin and begin! Click here to watch them performed on YouTube. 

Honorable mention

There are many more exercises that can be performed on the GOAT that are not shown in this article as this is just the top 5 and there are dozens you can perform. Checkout Kurt Lockers Inverse Curl Setup he made by connecting the GOAT into a cable machine. 

The GOAT Attachment can be used for Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Bent Over Rows and other exersies you would perform on a longer lever arm as well. 


The GOAT Attachment is a game-changer when it comes to rack attachments, replacing more than five standalone machines in one compact package. It offers an affordable and space-saving solution for adding leg extensions, leg curls, and other exercises to every rack station, making it accessible to more athletes.  Additionally, the GOAT Attachment stands out for its compatibility, as it fits both 5/8″ and 1″ hole racks due to its threaded pin. Whether you’re a home gym owner or a Sports Performance Professional the GOAT Attachment will allow you to get the most out of your rack station and replace stand alone machines. Checkout our other innovative rack attachments here. 


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