Elgin High School

Key Features

Elgin High School went with Stray Dog to fully upgrade their facility from the ground up including Turf, Rolled Flooring with Logo platforms and Equipment.

Elgin got 12 Triad Half Racks with Red Uprights, Silver Crossmembers and Red Accents. Each rack was connected with a top beam connector with a custom laser cut logo on the Logo Topper on top the beam connector.

The 6 Racks closest to the Turf have Rack Mounted Cable Columns on them creating 3 Functional Trainers between the racks all in a small footprint.

Elgin wanted custom storage cubbies for athletes to keep personal items in so we made the cubbies they wanted an actual product

Elgin was the first school to get our new Bridge Attachment with a laser cut logo on one side and a TV on the other.

We made a custom storage wall that uses Dumbbell Trays and Flat Trays connected together by cut down rack posts to make a low profile custom storage wall.

Elgin also got 3 Sleds from us to use on the Turf, 2 True Fitness Leg Extension/Leg Curls and cardio equipment.

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