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Top 5 Alpha Bench Exercises

The Alpha Bench is a very sturdy and supportive adjustable bench with a 12″ wide x 40″ back pad and a 12″ x 12.5″ seat with a 1.25″ pad gap you do not notice. With a 125 LBS made in America frame this bench will last for generations to come. The Alpha bench is more than just an adjustable bench due to its attachment holes, use it as a portable split squat stand or landmine station adding more versatility to your rack/bench system. 

The Flat Bench is an essential component of almost every strength and conditioning program, and is performed in various variations to accommodate athletes’ weaknesses or specific needs. The Alpha Bench stands out from its competition with features that make it superior for bench pressing. Firstly, the 12″ wide pad provides ample support for the back, unlike many other benches. Secondly, the 1.25″ pad gap allows athletes to get into a comfortable position and maintain their entire back on the 40″ pad. Lastly, the 125 LB weight and rubber feet ensure that the bench remains stable and stationary during use.

The Alpha Bench can be inclined to six different angles: 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 85 degrees. The inclusion of a spotter plate at the back of the frame provides a better position for spotters to grab the bar during benching. Additionally, the reverse ladder system allows the spotter plate to attach to the frame with a low-profile design as it is where the ladder normally would be.  The seat pad is also adjustable to either 15 or 30 degrees, to allow athletes to get locked into the bench. Multiple other variations of incline bench can be done such as Cambered Bar, Bamboo Bar, Lever Arm, DB or more!

Split Squats are a great exercise for building single leg strength which translates very well to athletics. Normally split squats are done with a split squat stand that takes up lots of space to store and is expensive for only 1-2 exercises to be performed on them. Our Alpha Bench has 3 1″ attachment holes allowing you to add an Alpha Single Roller or Dual Utility Roller to the bench for a portable split squat stand. The Single Roller or Dual Roller can be used on the upright for split squats as well but then you have to unrack the barbell and walk to the roller, with the Alpha Bench, position the roller on the bench right behind the rack, unrack the barbell and start split squatting! 

4. Landmine movements

The Alpha Bench attachment holes create a portable station for exercises with attachments. Bent over landmine rows can be performed with an Alpha Bench, Adjustable Landmine, Multi-Grip Landmine Attachment and Red SD power bar. The rubber bumpers and sturdy frame prevent movement during explosive movements.


The Alpha Bench can be used for military and other shoulder press variations. Due to the reverse ladder system, the frame of the bench is open to add a spotter plate giving it a smaller footprint than many benches with spotter plates. Military press is best performed with the bench back adjusted to 85 degrees and the seat adjusted to 15 degrees. 

There are dozens if not hundreds of exercises that can be done on an adjustable bench we discussed some that we think are the best above but there are many more. Pictured above is the Alpha Bench being used as a seat for GOAT Leg Extensions. Pictured below is the bench being used as a DB Row support and bicep curl support. 

An adjustable bench is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in any facility, there are hundreds of exercises that can be performed on it and it stores upright to take up less space. The addition of the attachment holes makes the Alpha Bench an even more versatile piece that should be considered by anyone who values floor space and versatility. Find out for yourself why Coop keeps this bench in his garage gym. 

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