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Top 5 Spotter Arm Exercises

Spotter Arms enhance half racks by offering safety during barbell lifts and versatility for various exercises. Weighing 19.5 lbs each, they’re sturdy enough to support significant weight yet light enough for easy adjustment. Each arm features eleven 1″ holes for additional attachments, not for spotting but for expanding functionality, they are essenitaly an adjustable Crossmember to add attachments to.  For example, our Utility Seat Pad can attach directly, avoiding the need for bulkier extensions. This demonstrates the versatility of our four-way hole system. Explore the numerous effective exercises you can perform with a spotter arm below!

1. 45 degree hyper

By using two Alpha Single Rollers and a Spotter Arm you can create a 45 Hyper/Back Extension Setup. Different size athletes can position the rollers/Spotter Arm at different positions to match their unique frame. A 45 Back extension is not an item that is used very often

2. utility seat pad seal rows

Seal Rows are one of the best ways to isolate the upper back and lats especially at a rack station. By adding a Utility Seat Pad to our Spotter Arms you can turn your rack into a great seal row setup. This is a great way to do a speciality exercises without devoting the large footprint to it. Shown here using our Cambered Multi-Grip Bar which allows you to get more ROM on rows than a straight bar. 

3. Pull blocks

Pull Blocks are a great tool for olympic lifting and can be used to teach movements and work on different starting/stick points.  Pull Blocks are often very large, the last custom pair we made was 30″ by 24″ and weighted over 100 LBS as it was made of steel costing over $800 a pair. By adding a Utility Loop ($45 a loop) to the outside of the Spotter Arm you can create pull blocks that take up no floor space to store and weigh less than 10 LBS each. They are not blocks for dropping weight, they are designed to be pulled off of to lift, then catch the weight and set it back on the loop.       

4. utility loop dips

Dips are an all time favorite exercises of many athletes for building chest, tricep and shoulder strength. By adding Utility Loops to our Spotter Arms you can perform dips in a neutral or supinated/pronated hand position.  Storing a Dip Bar is not hard at a rack station but if you have Cable Machine attachments and want to store multiple Bars or load your rack up in another manner you will not have space to store a large dip attachment too. That is why our Utility Loops are such a great product, they are extremely versatile and only take 1 hole to store on a Crossmember! 

5. utility seat pad box jumps

The Utility Seat Pad uses a 40″ x 12″ dense foam pad that we also use on our Alpha Bench. This pad can be added to our Spotter Arms for many exercises and is dense enough to step or jump on but soft enough for benching movements.

Honorable mention

Inverted Rows are a great exercise that are often performed with rings or straps such as TRX Straps or The Scap Strap. While they can be also performed with a barbell using our Utility Loops in a pair of Spotter Arms gives you a solid bar to lift pull yourself up to. Using a barbell on the bar cups can move back and forth especially with younger less experienced athletes. The Utility Loops also allow you to go into a Neutral Grip hand position which is much more forgiving on the shoulders. 

Honorable mention

Decline sit ups are a great core exercise for more advanced athletes with core control. This exercise if normally performed on a GHD Unit but can be performed at the rack station with two Alpha Single Utility Rollers and a Spotter Arm. 

If your rack does not have a Neutral Grip Pull up bar add Utility Loops to the Spotter Arms to create one! 

Overcoming Isometrics are a great exercises that can be done without damaging the barbell by flipping the spotter arm upside down. this also makes the spotter arm flat across the entire spotter arm making it a better surface for this movement. 

Spotter Arms Used to as a starting/lift off point for Alpha Arms or Lever Arms, this can be done for shoulder press as well. 

Spotter Arm Supported start/stop Landmine  overhead press.

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