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Top 5 Utility Seat Pad Exercises

1. Seal Rows

Seal Rows are one of the best ways to isolate back rows with either a DB or a Barbell, they often have their own dedicated machine taking up a lot of space. We made a Utility Seat Pad that can be added to Spotter Arms and create a seal row station right at the rack without increasing footprint. Pictured above the athlete is using our Cambered Multi-Grip Bar for Seal Rows with the Utility Seat Pad on an Alpha Half Rack. 

2. Adjustable Box jump

One of the largest and most expensive items we sell in many facilities are foam Plyoboxes which are great because they allow athletes to jump without fear of breaking/cutting open their shins. These large plyoboxes can be replaced by our Utility Seat Pad which can be adjusted to many heights using spotter arms. The Pad on top is made using dense foam that supports the foot and does not allow you to sink too far into it causing instability. 

3. Ball Throws

Rotational Ball Throws are a great exercises for building power and coordination but cannot be done in every facility because they do not have a wall that is sturdy enough to throw balls at. That is where adding the Utility Seat Pad to the uprights comes in, you can throw med balls at it like pictured above. 

4. Step UPs

Step Ups are a great Exercises to build single leg strength, they are often performed on a Bench but that is only a 12″ high step, the Utility Seat Pad paired with Spotter Arms allows athletes to do step ups at whatever height is best for them, allowing them to progress to a higher step as time goes on. 

5. Hip Thrusts

Hip Thrusts are a great way to build glute strength, like Step Ups they are normally done off a bench pad which is often too low. The Utility Seat Pad can be adjusted to different heights depending on individual athletes needs.


The Utility Seat Pad is a very versatile piece of equipment that was not intended to be a single use product hence the name Utility Seat Pad. Our Pad is not removable like some of the other brands on the market as we do not think it needs removed for Box Jumps, Step Ups or other exersises where you are standing on the pad as we use a dense foam that supports the foot and does not have too much give. Adding a Utility Seat Pad to a rack setup adds many possible exercises and also can be used as a seat/stand. Set the Utility Seat Low as a step when doing weighted chin ups or use it as a DB stand between sets. The pad is available in any of our 9 upholstery color options and our Grabber pad option as well. 

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