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Why Shaft Collar Magnetic Hitch Pins?

Hitch Pins are used to secure attachments to tubing, normally by using a Detent pin on a lanyard to keep them in place. Many companies in 2020 started making magnetic hitch pins that were 3-4 times the price of a normal hitch pin. We decided to make our own version that can be added to any Hitch Pin for $19.99 or you can buy a complete Magnetic Hitch Pin for $40. This makes ours much cheaper than the others on the market. Remove the rubber on the top of the shaft of the pin, slide the shaft collar on and tighten and you have a magnetic Hitch Pin!


Magnetic Hitch Pins have 6 strong neodymium magnetics in them that keep them secure to the upright but not too strong to not be too difficult to remove. Our Hitch Pins as you can see above have a large handle you can put 3- 4 fingers inside to get a good grip unlike many of the others on the market that have a little round end you have to pinch to get them off.

The 6 Neodymium Magnets have 22.5 LBS of pulling force holding the attachment secure on the upright. After 5 months of testing we released these to the public in January and have not had any complaints with them being secure. 

Save time

By using Magnetic Hitch Pins instead of traditional Hitch Pins you are able to save time, the Detent pin takes about 3 seconds to add which is not a lot of time alone but multiple it by every setup and you are wasting minutes during your already short training time! An attachment like the GOAT with a Step Up Plate takes 3 Hitch Pins, if you use traditional ones it takes about 30 Seconds to setup compared to 15 seconds with Magnetic Hitch Pins. 

Alpha Arms

Alpha Arms come with our Magnetic Hitch Pins instead of our Traditional Hitch Pins as they are a premium product offering. The magnetic hitch pin makes setting up lever arms much more user friendly as it takes less steps. Watch the Alpha Arm Adjustment YouTube Video Here. 

Magnetic Hitch Pins are a reliable solution for securing attachments for lifting. These pins offer an impressive 22.5 LBS of pulling force, making them strong enough to eliminate the need for a detent pin. What’s more, their handle design allows for easy adjustment, and their comfortable grip eliminates the need to pinch the end like other magnetic hitch pins. At just $40, these pins are among the most affordable on the market. Alternatively, you can transform your existing 1″ hitch pin into a magnetic one with the Shaft collar for only $19.99. Invest in Magnetic Hitch Pins today for a safe and convenient solution for your attachments. 

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