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Top 5 Multi-Grip Cable/Landmine Attachment Exercises

1. lat pull downs

The Multi-Grip Cable/Landmine Attachment has 3 pairs of Knurled 28.5 MM handles that can be adjusted to multiple positions depending on the preference of the owner. It can be used for cable movements as well as Landmine Movements. Neutral Grip Lat Pull Downs take stress off the shoulder joint similar to neutral grip pull ups do. The wide grip shown above is a great way to get a good lat stretch, the middle handles are around shoulder width and the narrow handles are between 8-12″ apart similar to a Chinning Triangle. 

2. landmine rows

Bent Over Landmine rows are one of the best exercises for building lower and mid back strength. The landmine can be adjusted down to row the bar at an angle or can be moved up so the bar is straight when you start the movement. The different width grips will allow athletes to target different areas of their back. 

3. Viking press

Viking Press is a great way to build shoulder and upper back strength, the setup pictured above using an adjustable landmine in an Alpha Full rack with the full rack strap moved to the front is a great setup that allows the athlete to not worry about failing as if they do the strap will just catch it. The strap is also a great starting point so they do not have to struggle to get a heavy load up to chest height. 

4. low rows

Low Rows are a great exercise for building mid and upper back strength, especially if you do not have access to a dedicated row machine. The Multi-Grip Cable Attachment different width handles will allow athletes to target a different muscle group depending on the width they place their hands. 

5. kneeling overhead press

Similar to Viking Press the Multi-Grip Cable/Landmine Attachment can also be used for kneeling over head press which can be done with non adjustable low bolt on landmines. This exercises can be difficult to setup without a partner which is why it is ranked lower than Viking Press. 


The Multi-Grip Cable/Landmine Attachment is a great value as it is both a cable and a landmine attachment, single use pieces of equipment should be avoided when possible as they are expensive and take up space for a single exercise. We also make a smaller version of this the Alpha Chinning Triangle that can be attached to cables or landmines as well but is only 1 pair of handles that cannot be adjusted. The Handles can be adjusted to 3 different settings for each set of handles allowing you to adjust the attachment to fit best with your needs. 

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