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VOLTRA I- Handheld Cable Column

VOLTRA I the future of cable training

The VOLTRA I from Beyond Power is the Worlds First Handheld Direct Drive Cable Trainer. It can be added to virtually any rack from 2×2″ tubing to 4″x4″ tubing with various hole sizes. We are selling it in a package with the Sliding Rack Mount for $2348 with free shipping. Using an electric motor to generate resistance, it can be adjusted from 10-200 LBS (1:1 Ratio) in 1 LBS increments. The unit can be added or removed from the mount in less than 30 seconds making it the most mobile and customizable cable machine on the market.  It can even be added to the attachment post on our Alpha Bench, allowing you to wheel it wherever you need.

We are selling the VOLTRA I in a package with the Sliding Rack Mount, as it cannot be used without a mount. There is also a bolt on rack mount and an adaptive rack mount that uses a hitch pin attachment style. These are good options but not as good of an option as the sliding rack mount as it can easily be added/removed from the rack and also easily adjusted with just the pull of a pin. This makes the unit seem very similar to traditional cable columns with the trolley system we are all used to. As the VOLTRA I uses an electric motor for resistance it requires users to charge them, that is why all mounts have their magnetic locking system. The VOLTRA was designed to be easily added or removed in less than 30 seconds so you can charge it away from the rack. You can also leave it plugged in on the rack mount, and when the machine is in idle it will charge between sets.

Resistance level

The VOLTRA I has a 10-200 LBS 1:1 ratio resistance on the Weight Training Mode. Not only does this small unit pack a heavy punch but it has more precision than any other cable machine on the market. You can adjust the resistance in 1 LBS increments which is unheard of with traditional cable machines, it also is quick to adjust due to the touch screen  and you do not have to store add on plates or parts to make the resistance higher or remove and store parts to make it lighter. You can also use the BEYOND+ App and have the coach or athlete adjust the load, setting and other variables from the palm of their hand.

This allows you to fine tune your resistance level, instead of backing down from 100 to 90 LBS you can go down to 97 or any other weight you desire.  If this is not good enough for you, there is more….

Resistance modes

Pictured above is the main menu of the VOLTRA I, which is presented on an HD 3×3″ Touch Screen. The Gear in the top right corner is how you access the settings and pair multiple units together. 

Weight Training

The weight training setting is the reason most customers buy this device, it has 200 LBS of resistance with a 1:1 ratio replacing a traditional cable column. The cable stretches far enough for chest flys (if two are paired), lat pull downs, Over head raises, functional rotational movements and more! The Weight Training Setting has more features that normal cable columns do not have and The range can also be limited if desired in the settings. 

On the weight training setting there are multiple metrics that can be calculated and displayed on the screen for users. Max Power in Watts, Average Velocity displayed in Meters Per Second and cable velocity also displayed in Meters Per second, can all be calculated. Add VBT training priceable to cable exercises!

Chains Setting: On the weight training mode there is a setting that can be turned on that mimics accommodating resistance provided by chains. For a tricep push down for example, the chains are very heavy at the top, as you go through the ROM the weight lightens.

Eccentric Setting: on the weight training mode there is a setting that can be turned on that increases the load on the eccentric portion of the lift. You can choose the amount of extra eccentric tension it will apply, this is something that no other cable machine I have ever seen can do. 

Resistance Band

Resistance Ban  setting, this setting does what it sounds like, mimics a resistance band where the further you pull the cable from the unit the more challenging the resistance becomes. You can choose 15-105 LBS to max the band resistance out at, once it gets to that number if you keep pulling the cord it will continue at the max weight until it reaches max extension length. 


Damper Setting: test Max Watt applied to different resistance factors from .05-.50 in .10 increments. The unit will record each pull and let you know your Watts, it will display the rep you just did and the rep before to compare it to. The Damper setting is similar to that on a C2 Rower, the higher the velocity of the pull the higher the resistance given to it. For example when using the .1 factor, if the athlete pulls the cable at 2 m/s then the instant resistance is 20 LBS (.2 x 2×100)

Sliding Rack Mount

The Sliding Rack Mount pictured above is being sold with the VOLTRA I in a package. The Sliding Rack Mount can go on 2×2″, 3×3″ and 4×4″ tubing, not just uprights, it can go on Crossmembers, the back of a GHD machine or Hyperglute or even an Alpha Bench or Hike Sled! Move this unit virtually anywhere in your facility. Un-do the tighten down knob, pull the orange pin and it adjusts up and down with ease. 

pair units together

VOLTRA I units can be paired together on the “Twin” setting found on the settings page. When the units are twined together one unit is the master and the other unit mimics the settings of the master. When you get into twin mode instead of the screen reading 10-200 it reads 20-400 and puts half of the listed screen number into each unit. So if the screen says 400 LBS then each unit has 200 LBS of resistance. This is extremely handy for flys and other bilateral movements, unlike a normal cable column which must be adjusted on each weight stack, you only have to adjust one side as they are twinned or paired together. 

The VOLTRA I is a great product but it may not be for everyone for a few reasons. The first is that it needs charged, many “old school” lifters do not want to have to charge equipment and want to use old school steel. The second reason would be the technology aspect, not everyone is comfortable using technology, but the VOLTRA I touch screen is very simple to use with only 4 buttons on the main menu. The third and the biggest worry of most customers is the potential for some sort of failure as they are electronic and also a new product which is understandable but they do have a 12 Month warranty and we will stand with you to help support the product.

Pros Of voltra i

There are many benefits that electronic cable machines can offer, as technology evolves and makes its way into every aspect of our lives, it is only inevitable that it will get into resistance training as well. The VOLTRA I is a rack attached version of the ever popular and becoming competitive electronic resistance product market. Devices like Tonal, Vitivian, GO Areana, Nordic Track and many other electronic resistance products are on the market.

  1. Small and Portable: The VOLTRA I is 12.5 LBS and has a carrying handle making it the most portable 200 LBS Cable Machine ever created at only 12.5″ wide x 5.5″ deep and 4″ tall.
  2. Precision Resistance the VOLTRA I has 1 LBS resistance increments which is unheard of for traditional cable machines, which have 20, 10 or 5 LBS increments at best.
  3. Safety: the VOLTA I is a cable stack machine without a stack there is no possibility to get crushed by weights. 
  4. Resistance Modes: the VOLTRA I is not just a cable column, it can also be used as a resistance band or damper trainer for athletes looking to hit high velocities and record them on the device/app. There are also eccentric and Chain settings as well.
  5. Smart Technology: the VOLTRA I counts you reps, sets, has 1 LBS increments, multiple load settings and is just really cool with a touch screen, APP and sleek design!
  6. Portable: the VOLTRA I when paired with the Sliding Rack Mount (how we sell it) can be added or removed from any most tubing in less than 60 seconds. Meaning you do not have to leave it in one spot, put it back in the case and store it off your rack and bring it out when you need. The Sliding Rack Mount makes the VOLTRA I a sliding cable column that can be used anywhere on the upright. 
  7. Cutting Edge Technology: The VOLTRA I is the first rack attachable cable machine of its kind, be one of the first to jump on board and offer your athletes, clients or just yourself the future of resistance training before the masses! 
  8. Warranty: The VOLTRA I has a 12 month warranty on every part.


The VOLTRA I is a great product that us at Stray Dog Strength have been waiting for for years. We are always trying to save our customers space and increase functionality of the footprint they have to work with, what better way to do so than make a Handheld cable machine? When we saw Tonal and all those other electronic resistance training products start to pop up a few years ago we just waited for someone to make a rack attachable unit. The VOLTRA I is that unit and it packs a heavy punch of 200 LBS or 1:1 ratio resistance that does not disappoint. This unit can be attached to any tubing the weight room, allowing you to add it to a Rack, ATR Unit, Alpha Bench, GHD Machine, Leg Extension Machine, Sled and Much more! 

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