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What makes the Alpha Half Rack Unique

The Alpha Half Rack is constructed using 3×3 tubing with 1″ inline holes spaced 2″ on center. This tubing size and hole pattern are widely adopted throughout the industry, allowing customers to utilize attachments from various brands with the Alpha Half Rack. As part of our Alpha Rack series, it represents our fifth generation of racks, with our initial release dating back to 1998. Over the past 25 years, we have continuously evolved and improved our rack designs based on valuable customer feedback. While the Alpha Half Rack may initially appear similar to other racks in the market, a closer examination reveals multiple distinguishing features that set it apart from the competition.

The Alpha Half Rack stands out among other American-made racks due to its unique capability of seamlessly integrating cable machines without taking up additional floor space. Our proprietary guide rod hole pattern on all four 30″ crossmembers enables the addition of cable machine attachments on both sides of the rack without compromising lifting area. In the provided image showcasing Central Crossing HS, you can witness an Alpha Half Rack outfitted with two machine attachments: a Cable Column Attachment on the left and a Belt Squat/Lat Pull Down Attachment on the right. This feature sets the Alpha Half rack apart, as no other half rack in the market can accommodate both a cable column and a Belt Squat/Lat Pull Down while maintaining the original footprint of the rack. 


Each Alpha Half Rack has 3 tone paint options for no additional cost. Pictured above is an Alpha STR Half Rack with Cable Column Attachment at Kent Roosevelt HS in Black Uprights, Red Crossmembers and Red Accents. The Accents are the spotter arms, bar cups and Pulley housing of the Cable Column Attachment.  The Alpha Half Racks can have laser cut or decal logos added to the Logo Beam Connector which is double sided and can have logos added to both sides. Both the decal and laser cut logos can be added to the racks after purchasing. 

Alpha Half Racks have a convenient bolt-together frame design, making assembly and shipping easier. Alpha Half racks ship disassembled to make it easier to move and also cheaper to ship. The bolt together design allows the rack to evolve as your budget and training needs evolve, you can transform an Alpha Half Rack into an Alpha Full Rack by adding 4 crossmembers and two uprights

Alpha Half Racks are equipped with standard 96″ uprights and 30″ crossmembers, resulting in a footprint measuring 49″ wide, 36″ deep, and 96″ tall. However, customization options are available thanks to our modular system. The pictured rack is an Alpha STR Half Rack with a modified Lat Pull Down/Low Row attachment, cut down to 92″. While our uprights can be modified down to any desired height for an additional fee of $250 for all four uprights, we are unable to increase their height. We also offer 20″ and custom crossmembers that can be utilized to connect the uprights, allowing for a narrower footprint of 49″ wide and 26″ deep, or even less depth with the incorporation of custom crossmembers.


The Alpha Half Rack is proudly manufactured in Columbus, Ohio by the Stray Dog Crew. Each rack is custom made to order, precisely tailored to meet the specifications of our customers. While our 6-12 week lead time may seem significant, it is relatively favorable when compared to other custom rack manufacturers. We have the capacity to fulfill orders ranging from a single rack to large-scale commercial facilities, which has been our expertise since 1996. Throughout the process, your assigned sales representative will keep you informed and provide an estimated ship date once the order is placed. By choosing us, not only are you supporting American manufacturing, but you are also supporting a small, family-owned business driven by passionate lifters, coaches and athletes.

Please note that Alpha Half Racks, being custom-made to order, are not eligible for returns. We prioritize ensuring our customers are confident in their equipment before making a purchase. To facilitate this, we have a showroom that is open to the public by appointment. If you are unable to visit us in Newark Ohio you can setup a Facetime or Zoom Call with a sales rep from the show room to ask questions. Additionally, we have an extensive collection of videos and pictures showcasing the details of our racks. We pride ourselves on transparency, leaving no room for hidden surprises. Our showroom is conveniently located in Newark, Ohio, and you can find the address on our website. To schedule a visit, you can reach out to us through our website, Instagram, or directly at jpurdy@straydogstregnth.com.

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