Jacob Nix

Why Jacob Nix Invented The Scap Strap

Why was the scap strap created?

So I originally came up with the idea for The Scap Strap when I was in our (San Diego padres) gym one day doing a workout and I had cable machine Y’s on it. I could not do them in a comfortable or efficient way with the cable attachments we had available. So I started to search the internet and tried a few other attachments and they just weren’t long enough and the center would hit my chest and limited my range of motion. This is when I decided to make my own attachment. 

Creating the scap strap

So I ordered some materials and made my first prototype and began testing it myself and with other players and everyone really liked it. It was at that point I realized I was onto something. I made a few more prototypes and ultimately decided to file a patent for The Scap Strap. As I am a professional athlete and not a manufacture and distributor I needed to team up with an equipment manufacture to make this dream become a reality, that is where my relationship with Stray Dog Strength comes in. They produce and distribute the product on a licensing deal, I do not sell The Scap Straps on my website anymore. 

why the scap strap is necessary

When I was in high school or when we travel in the minor leagues we are often times limited to only being able to do our rotator cuff work with dumbbells,  the equipment gyms currently offer. The Scap Strap solves that and gives you some much needed variation needed to not plateau as you can add more/thicker bands or increase cable column weight for movements. At 6’4 The Scap Strap allows me to still hit full ROM for several exercises not possible with other cable attachments. Add to any cable machine or use with a band anywhere you want!

Pictured above the Scap Strap is being used with a light band attached to a rack upright. This allows you get a very effective shoulder workout wherever you can attach a band to, fence, post, sign, field goal post, goal, ect. 

Scap Strap Muscle Activation Video

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