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Why Our Glute Ham Roller is the Best on the Market

Glute ham roller 2.o

The Glute Ham Roller is a very small and cost effective piece of equipment that has multiple uses so they are found in many gyms across the world as they provide a great value to the user. We started making our Posterior Chain Trolley rollers we called them in 2012, we did the same basic design seen across the industry because that is what our customers asked us for. Those rollers worked well but they were not optimal, to attach a band you had to tie it or use an ankle or wrist cuff, to store them you needed an extra attachment and the bar was too low causing athletes knuckles to drag if they did not place their hands on top the roller and not around the bar made for gripping. We fixed all 3 of those issues and were able to release our 2.0 version for $125 even less than our original Posterior Chain Trolley which sold for $129. Continue reading to find out how we fixed these issues with the basic Glute Ham Roller seen across the market. 

Built in storage tabs

Pictured above is our Glute Ham Roller 2.0 which stores in an Crossmember without a storage attachment thanks to the built in Gravity Slit Storage Tabs. Pictured below is our old Posterior Chain Trolley which like others on the market required a storage bracket to store at a rack station. 

Resistance/assistance carabiner tab

The Tab to easily add a carabiner for assistance or resistance was added to version 2.0 of our Glute Ham Roller. I noticed many people attaching a band or cable with an ankle strap wrapped around the bar of the roller so we added a tab to make it easy. This tab makes the Glute Ham Roller 2.0 usable by virtually anyone as it can be progressed or regressed to the level of the athlete. 

Pictured above a band has been added to the Glute Ham Roller for assistance during Hamstring Curls. Resistance can be done by flipping around and pulling the Roller away from the attachment point.

Shown above is our Glute Ham Roller 2.0 Attached to a cable column for added resistance, cable resistance can be added to any of the exercises. 

Rasied up bar

The Raised Up Bar allows atheltes knuckles to not drag when they are doing ab roll outs or other exercises grabbing the roller. Our Old model and the model sold by many brands requires you to place your hands on top the bar/V for the feet as the bar is too low and causes knuckles to drag on the floor. 

Custom wheels with abec 7 bearings

Glute Ham Roller 2.0 did not stop its improvements at the wheels, we had custom Stray Dog Strength Wheels with ABEC 7 Bearings Made. These wheels are Roller Blade style wheels made of rubber that will grip many different surfaces well, causing the roller to not slip. The ABEC 7 Bearings will ensure that the roller is smooth to use for years to come. 


Glute Ham Rollers at only $125 are a great value as they can perform multiple exercises not just a Hamstring Curl. Our Glute Ham Roller 2.0’s ability to store at the rack station with built in storage tabs allows you to easily store one at each rack station which many schools with our equipment opt to do as they do not take up any dedicated space and can be used for so many exercises. 

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