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Gravity Slit Attachments

Gravity Slits were originally designed for our Movable Storage Hooks, we were looking for a way to have a quick adjust system that was both cost effective and quicker to use than the other attachment styles such as a Hitch Pin or Adjustable Nut. The Gravity Slit Attachments are stronger than they look, the picture above is the top gravity slit on our Large Storage Hook which I have done pull ups and dead hangs from the hooks at 185 LBS bodyweight and nothing happened to the hook not even a slight bend. Large Hook YouTube Video. 


Pictured above is a 1″ Version of our Movable Storage Hook being added to the upright, to secure the gravity slit attachments just place it in the hole and pull down. The groove on the gravity slit will catch the bottom of the hole and create a pretty sturdy solution. The storage hooks are not secure enough to be used for an attachment style for a Dual Utility Roller for example but it is plenty secure for storage. I have left a 50 LBS Hex Bar hanging on a storage hook at the back of an Alpha Half Rack for multiple weeks and lifted off that rack, the repeated slams of the barbell into the bar cups never caused the Hex Bar or storage hook to move/fall.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to Gravity Slits other than their cost effectiveness is how quickly/easily they can be adjusted. In 3 seconds or less the Storage Hooks or other products with Gravity Slits can be adjusted. 

Built in storage tabs

Pictured above is our Glute Ham Roller which has two built in Gravity Slits for storage tabs to store on a 1″ hole crossmember. We used to and many companies still do sell a storage bracket that bolts onto a rack to store the Glute Ham Roller, we decided to eliminate the need for that by adding Gravity Slits, now you can easily store a Glute Ham Roller at each rack station. 

Pictured below are our Medium and Large Cable Connectors which also have Gravity Slit Attachments for Storage. How items are stored is often an overlooked aspect of product design because most manufactures make single products and do not sell a whole system like we do at Stray Dog Strength. When designing facilities  space is at a premium, so the more items that have built in storage the better as you can fit more items in less space. 

movable storage hooks

Pictured above are our Movable Storage Hooks which come in both 1″ and 5/8″ versions. The 1″ hook has two sets of Gravity Slits on each hook to make it more secure in the hole, they were designed to attach to an upright but can also be attached to a crossmember. The 5/8″ hook can work on a 3/4″ or a 1″ hole but the 1″ hook cannot work on a 5/8″ hole as the gravity slits are too long as you can see above. 

large storage hooks

Pictured above is our Large Storage Hook which was designed to store specialty barbells such as SSB’s, Marrs Bars, Bamboo Bars or other specialty bars such as our Cambered Multi-Grip Bar. The Large Hooks are made out of Stainless Steel and only have a 1″ version, no we will not make these with plastic protection, it would double the cost or be even more. 

Chalk bowl

Our Removable Chalk Bowl has gravity slits unlike the rest of them, its gravity slits go all the way through the upright and attach to the holes on the back side. This makes the chalk bowl more stable than connecting it to the holes on the outside of the upright. The Chalk Bowl being so easy to move around the gym is a huge feature of the unit as you can move it from the pull up bar to your deadlift station when needed. The Chalk Bowl does not work on many metric/import racks as they do not actually have 1″ holes on most of them. The Chalk Bowl gravity slit has a hole in it for a bolt to be added to the unit if you do not want it to be easily removable. The Chalk Bowl also comes with a lid to keep dirt and moisture out of the chalk and keep as much as your chalk in the bowl and off the ground as possible. 

cable connectors

Both the Medium and the Large Cable Connectors have built in Gravity Slit Attachment slits, our cable columns and lat pull down units are all made out of frames with 3×3″ tubing with 1″ holes which makes storing the cable connectors easy and conveniently located the next time you need them! 

Glute ham roller

Pictured above is an Alpha Double Half Rack at Raceland HS in Kentucky, they have a Glute Ham Roller stored on each side of their Alpha Double Half Racks. The Glute Ham Roller at only $125 with over 5 exercises possible is on of the best “bang for your buck” products. If regular glute ham curls or ab roll outs are too easy or too difficult you can add a band for resistance or assistance. Our old Glute Ham Roller which was the same basic design you see across the market required an extra storage attachment to store it at the rack making it more expensive and only able to store in one spot. 


At Stray Dog Strength we pride ourselves in creating unique innovative equipment that will not only work effectively individually but also ties into our modular system where everything has a place. Many single product companies often overlook how their products are used from a bigger picture, as a full service weight room company we take a top down approach and only make products that work well in a system together. Gravity Slits are another way we are able to save space and have integrated storage for our products, which is similar to why our equipment has holes all over for storage or attachments anywhere you need. Take a closer look at our products and see how they are different, #leavethepack. 

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