Top 5 Spotter Arm Exercises

Spotter Arms enhance half racks by offering safety during barbell lifts and versatility for various exercises. Weighing 19.5 lbs each, they’re sturdy enough to support significant weight yet light enough for easy adjustment. Each arm features eleven 1″ holes for additional attachments, not for spotting but for expanding functionality, they are essenitaly an adjustable Crossmember […]

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Scap Strap Prescription for Bullet Proofed Shoulders

Designed to Bilaterally Train shoulders/back The Scap Strap is a Patent Pending Design by Pro Baseball Player Jacob Nix and is a cable machine attachment designed to allow you to bilaterally attack your shoulders and other parts of the upper body. When doing shoulder rehab/prehab you often want to perform exercise on both the “problem”

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Nordic Hamstring Curl

The Nordic Hamstring Curl, renowned for bolstering hamstring strength, often poses a challenge for many athletes to execute with a full range-of-motion (ROM) without some form of support. This aid can come from machines, resistance bands, or even the arms—much like a push-up—particularly during partial reps where the full ROM isn’t used. Tracing back to

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