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Top 5 ATR Lat/Low Row Exercises

ATR Stands for Auxiliary Training Rack which was a concept we invented back in 2017 to help facilities maximize their space. ATR units can be configured however you want them to be due to the modular system and we sell all the parts individually. ATR units incorporate machines with a frame made of rack uprights and crossmembers so you can use all your attachments on them including bar cups for lifting. We sell our ATR Units in Pre-Configured Units or in ATR Sides, which are two uprights and two crossmembers. We have 4 different ATR Sides, ATR Frame, ATR Cable Column, ATR Lat/Low Row and ATR Belt Squat/Lat Pull Down. ATR Units can be connected together or to the side of a 1″ hole rack/wall they are not stand alone units. 

1. Lat pull down

The ATR Lat Pull Down Deluxe Version is a modular system that includes a Dual Utility Roller, Lat Seat, Spotter Arm, Fixed Low Pulley, and Lat Bar with Dual Storage Hook. Our top exercise pick for this machine is the Lat Pull Down, which inspired its name. The machine offers weight stacks of 200, 250, or 300 lbs with a 1:1 ratio. The combination of the separate Spotter Arm and Lat Seat allows for the adjustment of the seat’s height and distance from the upright, allowing different size athletes to have the optimal setup.  Furthermore, the Lat Seat, Spotter Arm, and Dual Utility Roller can be used for a variety of other exercises in addition to Lat Pull Downs. Invest in the ATR Lat Pull Down for a versatile modular training solution that is useful for much more than Lat Pull Downs. 

The ATR Lat Pull Down/Low Row unit is a modular piece of equipment designed to do much more than Lat Pull Downs. It features foot pegs on the Fixed Low Pulley that can be easily stored away when not in use with a hitch pin. These foot pegs allow athletes to not pull themselves to the pulley even under heavy load. The Low pulley can be used for much more than low rows, curls, front raise, shoulder press, lateral raise and other exercises are also possible. 

Tricep pushdowns are a highly effective exercise for isolating and strengthening the triceps, and they can easily be performed using our ATR Lat Pulldown/Low Row Unit. With the included 48″ Lat Bar, athletes can maintain a solid wrist position throughout the movement, as the bar rotates during the movement. Tricep push downs are best done with our Single Handle Attachments connected to a Large Cable Connector. 


Bicep Curls like Tricep Push Downs can be done with the 48″ Lat Bar that the Deluxe Version ATR Lat/low row comes with but are best done with our Single Handle Attachments paired with a Large Cable Connector. When you pair the Single Handles and the Large Connector there are 12 different holes you can adjust the handles to to find the ideal width. 

Mid Back Rows are a highly effective exercise for developing strength in the mid back, biceps, and shoulders, and our ATR Lat Pulldown/Low Row unit provides an ideal platform for training this movement using the Fixed Low Pulley. For best results, we recommend performing this exercise with our Single Handle Attachment connected with a Large Cable Connector, as shown in the image above.


The ATR Lat Pulldown/Low Row unit is comprised of a high pulley located 98″ off the ground and a low pulley positioned just 2″ above the floor, providing athletes with a versatile piece of equipment for performing numerous exercises. While this article has highlighted just a few of the many possible exercises, the unit’s Lat Seat/Spotter Arm and Dual Utility Roller offer additional options such as seal rows and lateral raises, split squats, nordic curls and more!  As the Lat Pull Down uses modular attachments and 3×3 tubing all over it is the most versatile Lat Pull Down on the market as hundreds of different exercises can be performed on it by adding attachments. 

The ATR Lat Pull Down/Low Row is a highly versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a range of cable movements, attachment movements, and barbell exercises. By choosing an ATR System, you can optimize the space and functionality of your facility with a multi-purpose unit that can also serve as a storage area and extra lifting station. What sets the ATR Lat Pull Down/Low Row apart is its Dual Utility Roller and Lat Seat/Spotter Arm are independent allowing you to use them or seal rows or split squats, ext. opening up a wider range of exercise possibilities. Investing in an ATR System can be a smart decision, as it provides users with numerous exercise options while maximizing space efficiency and functionality. 

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