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Cable Machine Variations

Cable Machines are a staple in almost every weight room, sports performance facility or fitness center because of how effective and efficient they are. At Stray Dog Strength we are always trying to find ways to save space and limit single use pieces of equipment, that is why we came out with our line of cable machines that are unlike others on the market. We built a line of cable machines called ATR Units out of rack parts so you can lift off them or add attachments. We were one of the first brands to integrate machines into our racks, back in 2002 we added lat pull downs to half racks and today have a modular system that can evolve with your changing needs. 

3 kinds of SDS cable machines

To show the different variations of our Cable Machines we will use the Cable Column as the example but we can do all 3 variations (Cable Machine Attachment, ATR Machine and Rack Mounted Machines) in Cable Column, Lat Pull Down, Lat Pull Down Low Row and Belt Squat/Lat Pull Down Combo machines. 


ATR Cable Machines are made out of two 96″ uprights and two 30″ Crossmembers, they are designed to be connected together or to the side of a rack. We have a ATR Cable Column, ATR Lat Pull Down, ATR Lat Pull Down Low Row and ATR Belt Squat/Lat Pull Down Combo Unit variations. ATR Cable Machines are the most expensive of the 3 variations as they come with the most parts/frame.

The ATR Cable Column Pictured above is attached to the side of a Rogue Monster Rack with a Universal Custom Crossmember.


Rack Mounted Machines are comprised of a single 96″ Upright, two 20″ Crossmembers with Slotted holes that can be added to any 1″ hole rack or mounted to a wall. They also come in Cable Column, Lat Pull Down, Lat Pull Down Low Row and Belt Squat/Lat Pull Down Combo Unit variations. Rack Mounted Machines are the second most expensive as they come with 2 slotted crossmembers and an upright as well as the cable machine parts. 

The Triad Half Rack pictured above at Elgin HS has a Rack Mounted Cable Column off the back. 


The Cable Machine Attachments are unique to Stray Dog Strength, we are the only American made rack company that can have cable machines added to our base half racks this saves space and cost as you are “double dipping” on the frame of the rack as the frame of the machine.  Our Cable Machine Attachments also come in Cable Column, Lat Pull Down, Lat Pull Down Low Row and Belt Squat/Lat Pull Down Combo Unit variations but only work on Stray Dog Strength Alpha Half Racks or ATR Frames. The Cable Machine attachments come with the Pulley top, Guide Rods, Weight Stack and other parts needed to add a Lat Pull Down, Cable Column Or Belt Squat Inside your Half Rack. Cable machine attachments are the cheapest variation as they use the rack as the frame and come with only the cable machine parts. 

The Alpha Double Half Rack Pictured Above Has a 250 LBS Cable Column Machine Attachment Added to it. The rack next to it also has a cable column attachment so you can use the two cable columns together to create a functional trainer. 

Modular Parts

One of the great things about our machines is that they use the same base parts, the ATR, Rack Mounted and Machine Attachment Versions of the cable column for example all have the same base parts. The different variations of the machines come with different parts to attach the machine in a different way depending on customers preference. 

If you have an Alpha Half Rack with a cable column attachment for example and want to spread the cable column out of the rack just order an ATR Frame and remove the cable column attachment and put it in the ATR Frame. Connect the ATR Frame that now has a cable column in it to the side of the rack and you now have an ATR Cable Column Connected to the side of the rack making super setting or two athletes lifting at once easier. This can be done to help budget purchases as you can add the ATR Frame later on it your budget does not allow it originally. 

connect multiple atr units together

Pictured above is a custom ATR Cable/Storage Unit at Orange HS, it is comprised of two ATR Lat Pull Down/Low Rows on the ends and Two ATR Cable Columns in the center. Each ATR Side is connected by 72″ DB Trays giving them 648″ of DB Storage, 4 Cable Machines and Attachment Stations all in one footprint. All our ATR Units even our Cable Columns can have attachments added to them. 

Connect together at 43" to lift

This ATR Unit is similar to the one from Orange HS above as it has ATR Lat Pull Downs on the Ends and ATR Cable Columns in the center. This unit has the Cable Column and Lat Pull Downs connected with a 43″ connector so bar cups can be added for lifting, this can’t be done when connected at 72″ and creates an extra lifting station that can be used when needed.

Cable machine attachments

The Alpha Half Rack Pictured Above has a Cable Column Machine Attachment added to the right side of the unit. Notice how you can still use the rack for lifting as you can slide the cable column trolley to the top and add bar cups and or spotter arms for lifting. A second Cable Machine Attachment can be added to the other side of the rack as our Alpha Half Rack has our proprietary guide rod hole pattern to add machine attachments whenever desired. 


At Stray Dog Strength we are always trying to be innovative and come up with solutions that will give our customers more flexibility and uses for the equipment they purchase. That is why we make our cable machines out of rack parts so they can be added into racks or can have rack attachments used on them. Create a functional trainer/half rack by using cable column rack attachments or make a stand alone or wall mounted version. Chances are we have a cable machine option that will fit into your facility but will not be a single use waste of floor space, reach out to a solutions specialist today!

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