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ATR, short for Auxiliary Training Rack, is a concept that we pioneered in 2017 to assist facilities in maximizing their space. ATR Units offer flexible configurations, allowing customers to customize them according to their specific requirements, we offer individual parts for sale or ATR Units can be ordered in Pre-Configured Units. We released a similar concept in 2012 called fire out stations, but these needed to be bolted to the wall and were not sold in sides. ATR units combine cable machines, storage and attachment/lifting stations into one unit, creating the ultimate space saving functional auxiliary lifting station. 

ATR units are available in “sides,” which consist of two 96″ uprights and two crossmembers measuring 30 inches (they can be cut down but cannot be made taller). These units can be purchased with cable attachments or as an ATR frame, with the option to add cable attachments in the future. Our side selection includes ATR Frame, ATR Cable Column, ATR Lat Pull Down/Low Row, ATR Lat Pull Down, and ATR Belt Squat/Lat Pulldown options that can be configured in thousands of different configurations. While it is possible to make ATR units with 20″ crossmembers, we advise against it as it limits storage option taking away the ability to add storage trays. Furthermore, the space saving achieved by using 20-inch crossmembers is only 10 inches which is insignificant in most cases. 

One of the remarkable features of ATR units is their construction using rack parts, enabling the addition of various attachments and storage options. Our ATR Cable Column stands out with its unique design, featuring a trolley directly on the 3×3 tubing. This allows for the incorporation of attachments like a lat seat, serving as an elbow support for movements that target the rotator cuff or other muscle groups (as shown in the picture above). Additionally, when the cable column is not in use, you have the flexibility to add attachments such as GOAT units or Dip Attachments, further enhancing the versatility of the station. Our ATR Deluxe units come equipped with Dual Storage Hooks, which are perfect for storing cable attachments or other items. Other storage items can be added such as storage hooks for only $6. 

By connecting one ATR side with a 43″ crossmember or straight chin-up bar to another ATR side, you can create a versatile cable machine, half rack and storage unit all in one. This setup works exceptionally well as a secondary or auxiliary rack, allowing for efficient super sets or accommodating additional lifting needs in busy facilities. If you have a Lat pulldown, simply remove the seat, dual roller, and lat bar, and add the bar cups to transform it into a lifting station. Similarly, on a 43″ functional trainer, move the trolley to the top and add bar cups, and you’re ready to start your workout, spotter arms can also be added for additional safety. The depicted unit is a 43″ functional trainer/half rack combination that also features storage options for dumbbells and flat trays, providing an excellent space-saving solution.

We currently offer 5 Pre-Configured ATR Units that utilize standard ATR, rack, and storage parts, making it easier for customers to make custom units that fit their specific needs. Pre-Configured #3, as shown in the picture above, is a prime example of optimizing space utilization. It incorporates 432″ of dumbbell storage and features two ATR Lat Pull Down/Low Row stations that can be used for various exercises such as seal rows, split squats, Nordics, and more, thanks to the modular attachments on the ATR Lat Pull Down Low Row. The middle post of the unit can serve as an attachment storage station, or customers have the option to add storage hooks, weight pegs, or other storage items to further enhance its functionality.

The image above illustrates the connection of an ATR Cable Column to an Alpha Half Rack with two 30″ crossmembers. ATR Units offer the flexibility to connect at various lengths including 20″, 30″, 43″, 72″, or even custom lengths up to 96″ using 3×3 tubes and custom crossmember brackets. The connector between the rack and cable column provides the opportunity to incorporate additional storage units such as weight pegs or change plate storages. Alternatively, it can be left open for attachment storage, allowing users to more easily setup, teardown and store their various attachments. 

ATR Units due to our modular system of rack parts, ATR Sides and storage units are fully customizable to customers needs. The modular system allows them to add and change the units as their budget and training needs changes. Our Pre-Configured ATR #5 unit for example has two ATR Frames with Storage Trays,  you can add in Cable Column, Lat Pull Down or Belt Squat Attachments in the future if your budget and program needs it. ATR Units are a great use of space as they combine cable machines, attachment/lifting stations and storage units into one unit. 

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